20 things we don’t do that save us money

I love watching youtube videos about minimalism, especially the ones where they talk about things they no longer do or buy to save money and live a more minimalistic life. I find them really inspiring and sometimes surprising to hear how people save and live a more simplified life.

I love that we own less stuff and spend more time making memories and spending time together as a family.

So here it goes, these are some of the things we don’t have or do that would otherwise cost us money every month. We are a family of five with a standard poodle. :)

  1. We don’t eat out.
  2. We don’t have cable.
  3. We don’t go on expensive holidays or day trips.
  4. We don’t buy paper ware for the kitchen or cleaning purposes.
  5. We don’t go to the movies.
  6. We don’t buy clothes full price.
  7. We don’t eat a lot of meat.
  8. We don’t buy books, magazines, dvd’s or music.
  9. We don’t take long showers.
  10. I don’t get haircuts or get my hair colored at a salon, I cut and dye my own hair.
  11. We don’t take our poodle to the dog groomer, we groom him ourselves.
  12. We don’t accept or pay for plastic bags.
  13. We don’t buy back-ups of toiletries.
  14. We don’t have a lot of different cleaners.
  15. We don’t turn on the heating until it gets really cold, usually end of October, beginning of November.
  16. We don’t waste food. Leftovers get finished off at our house.
  17. We don’t use fabric softener or fancy washing powders. (Vinegar and homemade laundry detergents do the job.)
  18. We don’t have a microwave.
  19. We don’t replace a broken appliance until we are sure we cannot get it fixed or fix it ourselves.
  20. We don’t have a dvd player or a cd player.

I sometimes forget about the things that we don’t own, like a microwave, people are always surprised when they notice we don’t have one, but honestly I have not ever missed it or wanted one. It’s just what you are used to I guess. It’s surprising how many things you can live without.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and have a blessed day!

20 things we dont do


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