Crochet Beanie Pattern

Crochet beanie pattern_multifocusingCrochet Beanie Pattern

I have made many many crochet hats, but never found the perfect pattern. Until now. I would find the seam a little ugly, or difficult to keep count when crocheting in the round,  the curve of the hat would be all wrong, it would be the wrong shape, the wrong size. So here is what I find to be the perfect beanie pattern.

multifocusing_crochet_beanie (2)_edited

You want to increase first to get the hat to the size that you want and then you crochet on the length of the hat. It helps to follow a chart with sizing measurements, even better is when you can try it on the persons very own head.

I followed he hat sizing guide by

For the simple beanie you start with a magic circle, then double crochet 10 times into the circle. Slip stitch to the first double crochet and start a new row. Each row you will increase with 10 double crochets.

Here is a picture of the seams, I find that they blend into the hats quite well. I always start with chain one and double crochet in the same stitch, it makes for a less visible seam.

I followed the pattern by, she explains so well how to make the little hats.

multifocusing_crochet_beanie (7)_edited

Hope you enjoyed this post and God bless.



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