Crochet Pompom Garland Free Pattern

Crochet Pompom Garland Free Pattern

Hello friends, here is a fun garland you can crochet to decorate your home for a party, wedding, baby shower or just because. It’s a very easy and fun garland to make, all in one piece.

Crocheted Pompom Garland (5)

It’s a great project to use up all those leftover bits of yarn you have lying around. I have been trying to think of projects to use up all the yarn I have and these garlands are a great way to do just that.

I used red heart yarn in purple, because that is what I had, but you can use any kind of yarn, just make sure that you use the right size hook to go with the thickness of the yarn.

Crocheted Pompom Garland (15)

I hope you try the pattern and have fun with it. If you make the garland about one meter, it should take you less than half an hour to finish this project. So absolutely a great little project to try.

Pompom Crochet PatternCrocheted Pompom Garland

ch: chain
yo: yarn over
ss: slip stitch

Make a slip knot.

Chain 9.

*yo, insert hook into second chain from the hook, pull a strand through,

repeat 3 more times.

yo, pull the yarn through all the loops on your hook.

ss to the chain you initially went through to make the pompom.

ch 5*

Repeat from * to * as many times as you would like.

I made my garlands about one meter long to use them to decorate picture frames or little shelves.

Here is a video tutorial of the pattern.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you try the pattern! Have fun.


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