Top Toys for My Boys

Here is a list of the toys that my boys have played with the most of the years.  I don’t think that children need a lot of toys, they just need a few. I would also say that most of these toys are appropriate for all ages. My boys range from 4 to 9 and they all love to play with these together or alone.

I prefer to get them toys that are multi purpose, that can be played with in many different ways and that stimulate their imagination.

Best toys (5)


Bikes and scooters are their favorite past-time. They ride them to school, at the park, at the sea side, on a walk. We take them with us everywhere we go. It’s a great way to learn gross motor skills and balance.


Best toys (2)


Blocks are such multi use toys, they build fords, make race tracks, create a zoo, make a target practice. The most versatile toy you can find.
Our favorite blocks are duplo, plain wooden blocks and yenga blocks.

Best toys (6)card games

My kids love playing card games. Their favorite one for sure is Uno. As soon as they can recognize numbers and colors they are ready to play. We had a junior set when they were about 3 years old, but they now all play the adult version. It’s a great game to take with you on the road, when we visit friends, when it rains, anytime really. When they are at parties with people they don’t know, it’s a great way to break the ice.

And it is a great way to learn about numbers and colors and fair play!

Other card games that they like: star wars game, skip-bo,


Water never gets boring for my kids. My youngest loves to take a bath, he can be in there forever. I just need to make sure the water stays warm, it’s often cold by the time he comes out.
They love to play in the pool, in the sink with cups and syringes, with waterguns, water balloons.


Paper and crayons. Hours and hours of fun. They are not into coloring books that much. So we just have different sizes of white paper. Just give them a piece of blank paper and they are ready to create.

Thanks for reading and comment below with your favorite kids toys.


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