12 Useful Things to Have if You Suffer From a Chronic Illness

I suffer from M.E. and have been bed bound for about a year now. I have about 3 to 4 active hours a day, in which I spend some time with my kids or do some cooking or have a visit with someone.

Here is a list of things that are really helpful in making me comfortable and easing any symptoms that I might have.

Bed Heating Pad

I have probably owned one for about 10 years now and I love it. Couldn’t live without it. On those days when I just can’t get warm, I turn it on and curl up in bed. It usually helps raise my body temperature and helps me feel much better.

Hot Water Bottle

I use this as much as the bed heating pad. It keeps my body temperature level and I take it with me everywhere, literally everywhere, I take it in the car, to someones house, etc. It is also great for relieving aches and stomach cramps.

Essential Oils

I love my essential oils, melalueca, lavender and grapefruit are my favorites. Beware though, I do not use these when I have a flare up. They will just make things worse. But on any other day, I use them on my temples, my feet and in my humidifier by my bed. The lavender is very calming, the grapefruit is refreshing and melaleuca is a great disinfectant.

Arthritis Gloves

I got this idea from the blog A Life well Red , she gives a list of five helpful things to relieve hand pain in fibromyalgia. Shortly after I read the post, I bought some gloves and I have worn them every day since I got them. I have swelling and pain in my hands and the gloves have given much relief. Also, they keep my hands warm, which is wonderful. I bought mine on amazon.fr and they are from the brand medi-paq. I found the stitching very itchy, so I wear them inside out, which has solved that problem.

Increasing the Typo on Everything

I have changed the setting of my typo size on my phone, my laptop and my Ipad to extra large. On the internet browser safari on the Ipad there is a button to use to increase the size of the typo on the pages you visit, it’s just left of the website location bar. When you select it, it will either make the typo bigger or show you the options to make the typo smaller or larger. It’s wonderful and makes reading soooo much easier.

Bed Side Box with Essentials

I keep a little box by my bed with essentials. It holds :

  • lip balm
  • eye cream
  • nail file
  • face cream
  • nasal spray
  • dental floss and interdental cleaning brushes
    (I never seem to have enough energy to stay in the bathroom to do this, now that it is by my bed, my gums are doing much better.)

Notebook and Pen

I keep a little notebook in my nightstand. I use it as a mini journal for my health. It holds all my lists, things to remember, my health tracker, favorite quotes, healthy recipes I want to try. It’s great because I have gotten into the habit of writing down things before I forget them, it’s a great little reference to my brain.

Robot Vacuum

This one is a life changer. We are a family of five and a lot of dirt gets tracked around the house, even though we have a no shoe policy. This little vacuum has taken the stress away of having to vacuum every day. It’s amazing. We have an LG Hom Bot and it even runs on our shaggy carpet in the living room and under the sofa. I am amazed at how much dust and grime it picks up, I really couldn’t do it better myself. Really ;)

Support Pillow

I have a big back support pillow that we bought in the Aldi here in Belgium last summer. I thought at first it would be too bulky and be in the way, but I have used it daily ever since I got it. It keeps me propped up and comfortable whilst in bed.

Big Fluffy Bath Robe

I have used a bath robe ever since I first had M.E., it made taking showers much easier. I can shower in under 3 minutes, after which I put on my bathrobe and sit down. It keeps you warm after the hard work of the shower. :) I wrap a towel around my hair and dry my feet whilst sitting down. I absolutely love my bath robe and am on my third now.

Layering My Clothes

I wear a lot of layers. I usually wear socks and pajama bottoms, then a tank top, long sleeved t-shirt and a sweater and sometimes a scarf. I need easy layers, because I am often cold or get a hot flash, so it is easy to take something off. I also keep some big warm blankets on the couch for those days that I just cant get warm.

Reused Water Bottle

I have re-purposed an old tomato pulp jar as a water bottle. It is a tall bottle jar, about 750 ml, so I know to fill it up twice a day to get my proper intake of water. It is so important to stay hydrated! I often forget, but this is a good reminder to keep by your bedside. It looks nice and it is easy to clean and didn’t really cost me anything.


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