Crochet Circle Blanket


Crochet Circle Blanket_multifocusingHere is the Circle crochet blanket I made for my youngest boy. I really love colors, he has an orange wall in his room and a blue bed. I had a lot of leftover skeins of red heart yarn, so I used them up in this blanket.

I followed the pattern on Doriens blog and adapted it a little. I only made the biggest circles and put on a scalloped edge. She gives a really good tutorial on how to make the circles and the blocks. Really worth checking out!

I think it took me about two weeks to make the blanket, the circles and blocks come together really quickly. And once you know the pattern by heart you can churn out those blocks fast. They were fun to make.

multifocusing_circle_crochet_blanket_nat_2015 (9)

multifocusing_circle_crochet_blanket_nat_2015 (8)

To attach all the pieces together I used a half double stitch. I really like the result. And to finish it off a nice green border.

multifocusing_circle_crochet_blanket_nat_2015 (1)

Check out my crochet pinterest board for more colorful ideas.

Please like this page if you like the blanket!

God Bless.


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